Belated birthday quotes, what to write for a belated birthday

Belated birthday wishes can be heartfelt and sincere or funny, view our list of belated birthday quotes and greetings for Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, text message or card.

Writing tips for a belated Birthday

You can copy and paste any of our birthday quotes for a belated Birthday below or use them as inspiration to write your own birthday greeting.
Humor and excuses are a great way to wish a belated birthday but on the other hand you can also be apologetic and sincere.

Took me a long time to think what to write so it's a bit late. Happy Belated Birthday!

You didn't look a year older so I didn't say anything then, but now I know I wish you a Happy Belated Birthday!

My calendar broke down. Happy Belated Birthday!

Birthday wishes delayed due to bad weather. Happy Belated Birthday!

How can I forget your big day? I know it's gone but wish you a Happy Belated Birthday!

I didn't forget the day but I forgot to send my best wishes so Happy Belated Birthday!