What to write in a birthday quote for a boy

Birthday wishes for a boy can be heartfelt or funny but add praise or achievement in the quote too, kids like to see their age and have stepped up to become more mature and wise.

Writing tips for Birthday wishes to a boy

You can copy and paste any of our birthday quotes for a boy below or use them as inspiration to write your own birthday greeting.
There are many names and ways you can address a boy, here are a few but if you have your own personal nickname then use that; lad, son, kid, young man, youngster, prince, chap, buck, buddy, little guy, dude, junior, sonny, nipper, geezer, laddie...
Also play around with complements for a boy, here are some words you can use; bright spark, polite, cool, fun, inspiring, awesome, helpful, smart, courageous, thoughtful, special...

A year older and wiser, wishing you a great year ahead. Happy Birthday Boy!

Congratulations young man on your new age, getting bigger and better each year. Happy Birthday!

No halves or quarters you are a whole number again, Happy Birthday young man!

Congratulations Birthday Boy! Have lots of fun after waiting all year.

Wishing you an exciting year ahead now that you reached [number]. Happy Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday young man! A brand new age with no pesky months to add on.