What to write in a birthday quote to a brother

Birthday wishes to a brother can be heartfelt and sincere or funny, view our list of birthday quotes and free greeting cards for Facebook, WhatsApp, email or text message.

Writing tips for Birthday wishes to a brother

You can copy and paste any of our birthday quotes for a brother below or use them as inspiration to write your own birthday greeting.
There are many names and ways you can address a brother, here are a few but if you have your own personal nickname then use that; bro, buddy, mate, pal, chum, bud, amigo, fellow....
Also play around with complements for a brother, here are some words you can use; cool, kind, supportive, understanding, fun, inspiring, awesome, best friend, helpful, smart, courageous, confidant, thoughtful, special...

I'm lucky to have a brother who I can call a close friend. Happy Birthday Brother!

Happy Birthday Brother! Thank you for all the years of fun, support and advice you gave me.

Distance apart but always close to my heart. Happy Birthday Brother!

You filled my life with so many wonderful memories so here's a small one from me. Happy Birthday Brother!

So many great memories over the years but will always remember this special day. Happy Birthday Brother!

Many Birthday wishes and greetings to the coolest Brother in the world!