What to write in a birthday quote for a grandparent

Birthday wishes for a grandparent can be heartfelt or funny, formal or causal, you might only see her occasionally so there are a wide range of birthday quotes and greeting you could write

Writing tips for Birthday wishes to a grandparent

You can copy and paste any of our birthday quotes for a grandparent below or use them as inspiration to write your own birthday greeting.
There are many names and ways you can address a grandparent, here are a few but if you have your own personal nickname then use that; grandma, grandpa, grandfather, grandmother, granddad, grandad, gramps, grandpapa, granny, granddaddy, grandamama, grannie, gran...
Also play around with complements for a grandparent, here are some words you can use; wise, confidant, understanding, thoughtful, cool, kind, supportive, fun, inspiring, awesome, special...

Distance apart but close to my heart. Happy Birthday [Grandpa] [Grandma]!

I'm lucky to have a grandparent with so much wisdom. Happy Birthday [Grandpa] [Grandma]!

A year older and wiser, wishing you a great year ahead. Happy Birthday [Grandpa] [Grandma]!

To the coolest grandparent in the world. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday [Grandpa] [Grandma]! Thank you for all the years of support, love and advice you gave.

You filled my life with so many wonderful memories so here's a small one from me. Happy Birthday [Grandpa] [Grandma]!