What to write in a romantic birthday quote

Romantic birthday wishes for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband view our romantic and loving quotes and greetings for Facebook, WhatsApp, email or text message.

Writing tips for a romantic Birthday message

You can copy and paste any of our romantic birthday quotes below or use them as inspiration to write your own birthday greeting.
There are many names and ways you can address a loved one, here are a few but if you have your own personal nickname then use that; sweetheart, darling, honey, my woman, my man, sweetie, dearest, fiance, truelove, partner....
Also play around with romantic complements, here are some words you can use; kind, supportive, understanding, hero, heroine, loving, soulmate, fun,beautiful, inspiring, awesome, smart, confidant, strong, courageous, thoughtful, special...

I love celebrating your birthday but I love you even more. Happy Birthday Darling!

You make me happy every day so have a very Happy Birthday on your special day!

A star was born today and I'm its co-star. Happy Birthday Darling!

Happy Birthday! I'm celebrating another year of being with you as well as your special day!

You filled my life with so much happiness so have a massive Happy Birthday!

I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't find a pedestal high enough for you. Happy Birthday.