How to say or write Happy Birthday in French

The two most popular phrases to say Happy Birthday in French are; “Bon Anniversaire!” and “Joyeux Anniversaire!”

Bon Anniversaire!

The most popular way to say Happy Birthday in French is “Bon Anniversaire!” which literally means “good birthday”. Note that “anniversaire” refers to someone’s birthday so if you want to talk about a wedding anniversary you need to say “anniversaire de mariage“.

Joyeux Anniversaire!

Another popular way to write happy birthday in French is “Joyeux Anniversaire” which literally means “joyful birthday“. The choice between “Bon Anniversaire” and “Joyeux Anniversaire” is simply a matter of personal preference.

May all your dreams/wishes come true.

You can expand the birthday greeting by adding “Que tous vos désirs se réalisent.” which means “May all your dreams/wishes come true.”

How to pronounce Happy Birthday in French

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